Our Services

WRCC (Warwickshire Rural Community Council) provides five different types of community services in Warwickshire for groups and individuals.  Due to changes in local government over the years, we also still retain some links with Solihull and parts of the West Midlands.

These services – WRCC Back&4th, WRCC Energy, WRCC Halls, WRCC HousingWRCC Warm Hubs and Community Food Fleet – play a vital part in reducing rural isolation and deprivation.  And we’re  committed to further improving the quality of life and wellbeing of those living and working in the countryside.

Rural communities in particular face problems associated with austerity, an ageing and changing population, housing, gentrification, climate change, polarised communities and many other pressures.  Local authorities have fewer resources which tend to be concentrated in areas where needs are more densely collected, to the detriment of rural Warwickshire communities.

Warwickshire Rural Community Council – now known as WRCC – seeks to ensure that our rural communities can operate effectively and for the benefit of all who live in them – to make a village a living community rather than a mere collection of houses.

Our free newsletters provide updates on what our teams are up to and how we’re making a difference to rural Warwickshire life.  You can subscribe online or contact us with any news or stories about local communities.

And if you’re interested in the services we’ve provided over the years, you can find out more on Our Charity page or email us for a copy of our booklet, “Change, challenge and continuity: highlights of WRCC’s 80 year history”