The nationwide affordable housing shortage has hit rural communities particularly hard. House prices in the countryside have increased at almost twice the rate of those in urban areas over the last five years. However, rural wages have stagnated and are completely out of step with these increases (CPRE, February 2024). And new developments may not always include a range of properties that suit local needs.

If you’re at either end of the age spectrum – younger and finding it difficult to rent or buy your first home, or older and looking for a smaller, more manageable home – you’re particularly likely to be affected.  If people need to relocate to find appropriate housing this contributes to longer term population imbalance and can damage community sustainability.



Warwickshire Rural Housing Enabler Project

In 2003 we set up this important project to encourage rural communities to seize the initiative and get involved in the provision of suitable new homes.  We offer a wide range of practical help and support so your community can discover what is – and what isn’t – achievable in your neighbourhood.

Housing Needs Surveys

Here are your first steps to finding out more about affordable housing.

Affordable Housing FAQs

Have a look at these commonly asked questions – is the answer you’re looking for in here?

Self Build & Custom Build

Discover what’s involved in these different building practices.

Community-led Planning

Community Led Planning (CLP) is another way that everyone can participate in the running and growth of rural communities.  Our Guide to CLP will help you find out more about having a say in influencing local planning decisions and the county-wide structured plan.  CLP is intended to help find out how a village or town feels about itself – its strengths and weaknesses – and how residents want it to develop.