Housing Needs Surveys

The housing needs survey is an essential part of planning for future housing requirements. It is an independently produced document, which gives an unbiased report on the type, size and tenure of dwellings that are needed in the community.

We have worked with over 150 rural communities to carry out Housing Needs Surveys, resulting in 254 homes (affordable-housing-schemes).  Most of our work is undertaken in Stratford District and Warwick District but we also conduct surveys in other rural areas.  You can contact our Housing Enabling Officers to discuss undertaking a survey in your local area, perhaps as part of your Neighbourhood Development Plan or Parish Plan.

Housing needs surveys completed in:

We are currently undertaking surveys in the following parishes:

If you know anyone with a connection to the above parish/s, or who would like to return to live in the parish, please encourage them to download, complete and return the survey form.  Or they can phone (01789 842182) or email our Housing Enabling Officers to request a form, or find out how to complete the survey online.

Do you want to downsize, are you currently living at home with parents and want your own home, do you need a bungalow in preference to a house? Please complete this general housing needs form and we will look at the housing need within your current (Warwickshire) parish.