What is it?

Hallmark is a free and nationally recognised quality assurance scheme designed for community buildings that was developed by ACRE during the 2000s.  It aims to:

  • support, establish and reward good practice
  • encourage improvement in established customs and procedures
  • obtain recognition from other bodies for the standard of management of community buildings

The Charity Commission endorsed Hallmark as part of the Commission’s Quality Standards Endorsement Programme.

Unfortunately, we no longer offer external accreditation of the Hallmark standards, but still promote the framework as a useful self-assessment tool for village and community hall management committees. When asked what policies and procedures a hall should have in place, we point to Hallmark as a source of good practice.

  • Hallmark 1-Focuses on the management and administration of the hall.
  • Hallmark 2-Health, safety, security & licensing
  • Hallmark 3  Requires the hall to have a community and social awareness, with forward planning and communication being key.