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Please complete the oil syndicate membership form below, confirm you’ve read our terms, and you’ll automatically become a member of our Warwickshire based syndicate.  If you’ve got any questions or would like more information, call us on 01789 472619.

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Membership Terms & Conditions

Please note that the following Membership Terms and Conditions govern your membership of WRCC’s Energy syndicate and any orders you place with us will be deemed to be subject to these terms and conditions.

  1. The WRCC Energy syndicate is open to residents of Warwickshire only. If you live outside Warwickshire, please contact us.
  2. I give my consent for WRCC to negotiate on my behalf for the supply of heating oil/LPG at the best possible price.
  3. WRCC will not negotiate any other terms (such as payment arrangements) on my behalf.
  4. I agree that payment of invoices for oil/LPG supplied must be made by me directly to the selected supplier and that I am responsible for ensuring that I am aware of the payment terms specified by the supplier.
  5. I understand that an additional charge will be made by the supplier if Aga additive is required.
  6. I understand that an additional charge may be made by the supplier if they are unable to deliver the full amount of my order or if they are unable to access an oil tank when reasonable arrangements have been made to make a delivery.
  7. I agree that once I have placed an order it is a firm order to which I am committed and not simply an expression of interest. Notwithstanding this there will be no contract in force until WRCC confirms acceptance of my order.
  8. I agree that neither WRCC nor anyone authorised to act on their behalf will be held liable for any claims that may arise between myself and any of the selected suppliers who supply me, arising from any supply contract that I may enter into and the invoicing/payment thereof.
  9. I understand that it is my own responsibility to ensure that any fuel order is placed before the deadline specified and that neither WRCC nor anyone authorised to act on their behalf will be held liable for any shortage of fuel or other problem that I experience if I fail to meet the specified deadline.
  10. I will advise WRCC of any changes to my membership details either via the website or to WRCC by telephone.
  11. I agree that WRCC may store my data for the purposes of the Oil/LPG syndicate and will pass only such personal data to the selected suppliers as may be required for them to make a delivery.
  12. WRCC will not pass my details to anyone else without my express permission (not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed).

Membership Terms & Conditions