Re-opening Village Halls – 5 November 2020


Kim Slater


5 November 2020

ACRE have produced a summary of the regulations for village and community halls during the lockdown from 5th November to 2nd December 2020.

Information for Hall Committees 5.11.20


We will keep this blog post up to date and change the date in the title, so hall management committees can easily see if the guidance has been amended and can ensure that they are working from the current version.

COVID-19 Information Sheet – Opening your hall after lockdown V7 30.09.20

There are Microsoft Word versions of the appendices (including the two sample risk assessments) so that management committees can download and tailor documents to local circumstances.

Appendix A – Checklist 20.7.20

Appendix B – Hirer Questionnaire 20.7.20

Appendix C – COVID Secure Poster 30.9.20

Appendix D – Social Distancing 30.9.20

Appendix E – Sample Special Conditions of Hire 30.9.20

Appendix F – Risk Assessment for Hall Committees 18.9.20

Appendix G – Risk Assessment for Hall Hirers 18.9.20

Appendix H – First Aid Box 20.7.20

Appendix I – Playground Notice 20.7.20

Appendix J – Performances in Village Halls 18.9.20

Appendix K – Exercise and Sport 18.9.20

Appendix L – COVID-19 Treatment Plan 20.7.20

Appendix M – Test & Trace QR Code 30.9.20

Legionella guidance COVID-19

We are trying to circulate this information as widely as possible, so please pass it on to anyone you know that is involved with a village hall. If you (or they) want to receive information directly, please Contact Us.