Mobile Warm Hub

In May 2021, when village halls and centres were closed due to Covid, we converted one of WRCC’s 16 seater minibuses into a Mobile Warm Hub with a space to prepare drinks and refreshments, foldup picnic tables and chairs, and 6 fixed seats for transporting passengers.

Our team, comprising a Project Co-ordinator and one of WRCC’s volunteer drivers, took our travelling mobile cafe out each day to communities around Warwickshire and Solihull. Many residents were able to meet up with other people for a proper chat for the first time in months, in a safe outdoor space. We also added an awning and large gazebo to make events more weather proof.

As well as running free community cafes, our team supported Warwick District Foodbank with deliveries and collections once per week during last winter, and we plan to resume this service for Autumn/Winter 2022.

How Our Community Cafes Run

For some people these events become a social lifeline and our volunteers also look forward to meeting up with our “regulars” as well as getting to speak to new faces. We guarantee that anyone coming will receive a friendly Warm Hub welcome from our team.

Our inclusive community cafes are open to, and popular with, all ages and our free coffee/tea and biscuits are much appreciated. We’ve had several dogwalkers and a couple of horse riders attend. Events have even featured performances by a local community band and by a professional magician!

The Mobile Warm Hub carries free information handouts on energy saving and home safety matters, as well as free carbon monoxide monitors. We also hand out information about other community support services and collaborate with like minded organisations, as with our fixed Warm Hubs.

Different communities have different needs and our Mobile Warm Hub can pay weekly visits, monthly visits or make occasional stops at locations as required (subject to availability). This can work well for areas where there’s no existing community space for events, or where local groups are interested in setting up a permanent Warm Hub event but want to attract community interest and engagement first.

The service runs from Monday to Friday each week and we visit a different place each day. The minibus usually makes up to 12 visits per location on average, subject to local need and engagement. To view our current schedule of events, click here.

We will stop holding our outdoor community cafes from mid September 2022 (the exact date will be weather dependent) and will resume these at the beginning of April 2023. During this period our team will still be providing Mobile Warm Hub support to residents and community organisations in a range of other ways.