Thinking about community led housing?


sarah brooke-taylor


West Midlands Urban Community Homes is a new hub for knowledge and expertise that exists to help community led housing flourish in the region. We offer support and work with a wide range of stakeholders to bring together the people, land and finance needed to make community led housing projects happen.

Don’t be put of by the mention of urban – you’ll take a similar journey whether looking at urban or rural projects.

The West Midlands has a rich history of community led housing and we are building a movement for a new wave of  homes owned, managed and stewarded by our communities. That’s because we want to see more affordable, high quality and sustainable homes in thriving neighbourhoods – great places to live, now and in the future.

Why community led housing?

If a community needs more or different kinds of homes, anyone can take control, lead that change and make it happen.

Community led housing is a growing movement of normal people taking action and managing housing projects that build the decent and affordable homes that the country so desperately needs.

Anyone can start, volunteer and deliver a community led housing project. You don’t need to work in housing, you don’t need a degree in architecture, you don’t need to be a builder. If you think a change is needed, you can lead that change.

Find out more about community led housing – free events at

And here’s a link to ‘An introduction to community led housing‘ to get you started.