SDC Residents Survey 2022


sarah brooke-taylor


Residents were asked to say what were the five most important things making somewhere a good place to live. The top five in the District were:

  • the level of crime (58.3%)
  • health services (57.5%)
  • access to the countryside (40.5%)
  • clean streets (35.3%)
  • affordable decent housing (30.4%)

Affordable decent housing was most important to the 18- to 34-year-old age group (37%). Women were more likely than men to say that affordable, decent housing was important (36% vs 26%).

Residents were asked to think about their local area and indicate up to five things that most need improving. The top five improvements were:

  • road and pavement repairs (48.3%)
  • the level of traffic congestion (42.9%)
  • activities for teenagers (33.3%)
  • affordable decent housing (30.2%)
  • public transport (28.7%)

These have remained the top five priorities over the last four surveys.  Affordable decent housing was more an important issue for residents of Alcester/Bidford (38%) than those living in Henley/Studley locality (24%). Those aged 35-49 were least likely to say affordable decent housing needs improving. Women were more likely than men (34% vs 27%) to say that it needs improvement.