Re-opening Village Halls & Grant Support for Halls


Kim Slater


Village and Community Halls should not re-open until 4th July at the earliest (except for the provision of essential services). However, pre-schools and nurseries are being encouraged to open from 1st June 2020 and many will be situated in a village or community hall.

ACRE has produced a guide for village halls and community buildings that host a pre-school: Guidance Opening Halls for Pre-School Use 2nd June 2020.


ACRE are also developing guidance for halls that are considering opening for wider activities after 4th July 2020. This information should be available from mid-June and will be circulated then. We are trying to circulate this information as widely as possible, so please pass it on to anyone you know that is involved with a village hall. If you or they want to receive information directly, please Contact Us.


If you have not done so already, ALL village halls should also explore their eligibility for the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Grant Fund. This fund is being administered by your local district or borough council (search for “Small Business Grants” on their website). Many halls have been contacted directly by their local council and received their grant, but some have not so don’t miss out!