Planning for the future – ‘watch again’ online event


sarah brooke-taylor


Planning for the future

NALC is delighted to announce this online event on the government’s Planning For the Future white paper, which is out for consultation, with a specific focus on the implications for neighbourhood planning. This will be a timely and unique opportunity to discuss and help understand the proposed changes. You will hear directly from government officials about proposals for streamlining the planning process, digitizing the planning system for plan-making and decision-taking, focusing on design and sustainability, reforming developer contributions and infrastructure delivery, making more land available for housing delivery, and what next for the neighbourhood planning. You will be able to pose your questions and input views through the question and answer session and come away from this event to understand how the proposals will affect communities and local councils’ role in the planning system.

Speakers: Jennifer Beresford, lead on plan-making policy, Robert Griffith, senior planning officer and Chris Mountain, development plans at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

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