More MiDAS Training


Kim Slater


It’s our third MiDAS training session of the year already!  More and more of our drivers and volunteers are benefitting from our in-house minibus training – and the more drivers we can train, the more community groups and individuals we can support with our transport lifelines.   Our in house training also ensures that WRCC Back&4th continue to run our community transport services to the highest possible standards of safety.

Jude Henderson, Senior Project Manager for WRCC Back&4th, says: “We’re delighted our MiDAS training is being so successful, as are the schools, scouts groups, senior citizen clubs and lots more who use us to get out and about on a regular basis!”

We’re also willing to train minibus drivers from other groups and organisations – to find out more, please call Gareth Jones on 01789 471595 or email him at