Extra support for neighbourhood planning groups in urban & deprived areas


sarah brooke-taylor


Government has committed to providing communities in urban areas and deprived areas (places that are amongst the 20% most deprived areas in England, in accordance with the Index of Multiple Deprivation) with direct additional support for neighbourhood planning. The additional support, to be launched on Monday 10th August 2020, will increase the grant available to neighbourhood planning groups in urban and deprived areas from £10,000 to £18,000 and give them access to a range of technical planning support packages, which only a limited range of groups currently qualify for.

The aim of this offer is to increase the take up of neighbourhood planning in urban and deprived areas, which is low and has decreased in recent years. The Government is interested in promoting opportunities for all groups, including those in disadvantaged areas, to have a say in shaping their communities.

The more we engage with the communities eligible for this offer, the more likely they are to become involved in the neighbourhood planning process. An increase in take up of neighbourhood planning in urban and deprived areas could have genuinely positive effects on these communities, so it is vital they are aware of the extra support which will be available to them and that they know how to access it. MHCLG will be reaching out, via Locality, to all 325 designated groups in urban and deprived areas to explain the new offer, and details of the additional support will be included in our newsletter.

Anybody applying for neighbourhood planning grant and/or technical support packages should read these guidance notes before submitting an application.

Neighbourhood Planning Team | Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government