Congratulations to Broom Village Hall!


Kim Slater


In May, Broom Village Hall received the final award from WRCC’s Rural Initiatives Fund, and here’s our Chief Executive, Kim Slater, handing the cheque over to Cheryl Hendey, Broom Village Hall Chair.

The fund was aimed at helping village halls take an active role as community hubs. Its main purpose was to enhance hall facilities but several grants helped to fund essential maintenance. Over the past four years, WRCC has distributed over £15,000 and Broom’s award is a great example of how it has made a difference.

Cheryl Hendey said: “Some people find our current audio visual equipment very hard to hear. This investment will help us install much better equipment which will make the hall and our events much more accessible to all.”

Verney Jeynes, our Village Hall Adviser, added: “Keeping buildings in good shape is a never ending task for village hall management committees. Many halls were built between the wars and now require a constant investment to keep them going. There should be more funding support for these essential community resources!”