SDC Site Allocations Plan consultation – closes 18th Dec


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Stratford-on-Avon District Council Site Allocations Plan – Preferred Options 

Notification of Public Consultation: Thursday 29 October to Friday 18 December 2020

Stratford-on-Avon District Council is running a public consultation on its proposed Site Allocations Plan for the District. This letter is being sent to key consultees across the District and wider area, and those individuals who have requested to be notified of planning policy consultations undertaken by Stratford-on-Avon District Council.

What is the Site Allocations Plan?

The Council is responsible for preparing Plans that will shape the future of the District by identifying sites for future development. These Plans also contain policies that the Council will use to judge planning applications. The Site Allocations Plan is an additional Plan that will sit alongside the existing Core Strategy and will enable residents, businesses and communities to know where new development may occur in the future.

What does the Site Allocations Plan include?

The Plan includes a range of proposals across the District relating to:

  • Reserve Housing Sites
  • Self and Custom Build Housing sites
  • Built-up Area Boundaries
  • Employment Enabling Sites
  • A46 Safeguarding
  • Plus a number of other site specific proposals including sites for employment and regeneration

What is the Preferred Options consultation?

Preparing the Plan is not a one-off event and there are a number of stages to its preparation. Preferred Options is essentially the draft stage. There will be further consultation on the final draft (Proposed Submission version) next year before the Plan is submitted to the Government for examination to check that it is fit for purpose. Your elected councillors have formally agreed the Plan for consultation. This Preferred Options version of the SAP replaces the Proposed Submission version from 2019.

How to View the Consultation

The best way to view the consultation documents is online at This webpage also includes a number of short videos explaining in greater detail the proposals within the consultation. Maps are also available for each settlement so that you can easily identify which site proposal potentially affects your property. A summary leaflet is also available.

Subject to changing restrictions resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, it is also available to view at the District Council offices (Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6HX between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday) and at main public libraries across the District. Please check current restrictions at your local library before you visit. Copies of the document can also be purchased from the District Council.

Whilst it is not possible to hold face-to-face public consultation events due to the pandemic, the District Council will be hosting a number of live online question and answer sessions throughout the consultation period to enable residents to ask any questions. Visit to find out more and join one of the sessions.

How to Comment

Information on how to comment is included within the Plan itself, in the summary leaflet and on the website at By responding to this consultation you will have the opportunity to have your say on the content of the Plan before it is finalised. For details on how we will use your information and personal data please see Stratford-on-Avon District Council’s Policy Consultation Privacy Notice at

The period of consultation on the Preferred Options Site Allocations Plan commences on Thursday 29 October and ends at 5pm on Friday 18 December 2020.

For further information or if you have any queries regarding this consultation please contact the Policy Team via email at or call us on 01789 260334.