Rural Issues

We also provide signposting to other community activities and support at each location, to help residents affected by the rising cost of living as well as with other concerns. Residents living in remote villages and semi-rural areas can be particularly vulnerable due to lack of access to social events and amenities, and little or no public transport.

Some live on their own and can go for days without speaking to anyone else. Limited public transport prevents others from engaging in social activities or finding suitable work. Others can’t access the support they need as they don’t have online access. Feeling lonely can lead to depression, anxiety and physical ill health.

Not knowing where to turn for advice with problems, particularly in the current economic climate, makes everyday life more challenging. People are increasingly concerned about being able to afford food and heating their home properly, and home safety can take a back seat.

Even for those who can manage, being able to meet and chat with others in a warm, safe and friendly place makes such a difference to people’s wellbeing!