PopUp Business School, 15-19 February – FREE training


sarah brooke-taylor


SDC’s Venture House has sponsored the PopUp Business School (PUBS) to run an intensive week-long training event on 15-19 February 2021 – teaching residents from across the district how to start grass-roots businesses doing something they love. Their approach is fresh and unique, focussing less on spending money and borrowing, and more on empowerment and action.

With so many of our residents facing redundancy or currently considering new career paths, it stands to reason that a significant number will be considering self-employment.  With our current business support programmes proving well subscribed and highly successful, we felt there was a need for additional and alternative support … so this is where PUBS comes in.

The PopUp Business School is running a START & BUILD A BUSINESS TRAINING EVENT to help us to support people in our community. The more people that attend the more businesses we will help to build! Their approach is very different, and they specialise in helping people that are at a disadvantage or new to starting a business. Here are the details:

 We have also set up a webpage to provide resources for anyone who can help promote across the community, ie facebook text, flyer, advert, videoclip, press release, case studies: PopUp Business School: 15 – 19 Feb 2021 » Venture House (venturehousestratford.co.uk)