Planning White Paper – the impact. Consultation closes 29th October


sarah brooke-taylor


Is your community and/or parish council aware of the possible impact of the current Planning White Paper (PWP) proposals?

A more centralised planning system is proposed with a single set of planning policies for England and a significantly reduced role for elected councillors but is a ‘one size fits all’ approach for the whole of England the right way to go?

Zoning will have negative impacts on rural communities.  Where they fall into growth zones they will be subject to significant growth, inappropriate in scale and ultimately losing their identity.  In protected zones (anything outside Growth and Renewal) the restrictions on development that will be applied will make it difficult for communities to meet their social and economic needs.

The PWP will limit the opportunities for rural residents to have a say in the nature and scale of development that affects their communities. The focus on digital community engagement will, for example, exclude many of the most vulnerable including those who are digitally illiterate.

Neighbourhood Plans are being downgraded to design guides despite the PWP stating it wants to increase and more effectively engage communities in the plan-making process. Neighbourhood Plans will no longer be able to include policies and site allocations to meet the needs of a community for affordable housing, jobs, services, open space etc.

Changes to the collection of developer contributions (infrastructure levy) are proposed, linked to the final value of a development, with a national charge which could under provide contributions for some sites, risking development occurring without sufficient infrastructure.

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The consultation closes at 11:45pm on 29th October 2020.