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Update on the Local Plan and Consultation on a Draft Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

1) Local Plan Update

The Local Plan was submitted for examination in March 2018 and since then there have been 3 public hearing sessions conducted by a Government appointed Planning Inspector, Mr Thomas Bristow, who is leading the independent examination which takes in the Local Plan, all of the evidence used in its preparation and the comments received in the Regulation 19 consultation from December 2017 to March 2018.

The Inspector continues to review the evidence before him, before writing with any further matters of clarification and in respect of the future progress of the examination. As set out in previous guidance documents the examination remains live until such point as the inspector’s report is with the Council, and there will be further opportunities to comment on proceedings (including as and when any main modifications are ultimately published).

2) Consultation on Draft Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

North Warwickshire Borough Council is consulting on the Draft Air Quality SPD which will inform the Council on how matters of air quality will be considered as part of the planning process, focusing on mitigating impacts from development.  The aim of this document, is to provide guidance on the way the planning system will deal with air quality and air pollution issues

The SPD set outs guidance for dealing with air quality and is aimed at all those involved in the submission and determination of planning applications where air quality needs to be addressed.

The SPD advises on how matters of air quality will be considered as part of the planning process, focusing on mitigating impacts from development.  It is a technical document which will be mainly used by the Environment Health team when responding to planning applications and in discussions with developers

Nationally air quality has concerned many governments, particularly with the links to the causes of climate change and the impact on health.  The recent consultation on the actions being proposed to reduce air pollution and its effects through the Clean Air Strategy has the following main themes:

  • understanding the problem
  • protecting the nation’s health
  • protecting the environment
  • securing clean growth and innovation
  • reducing emissions from transport
  • reducing emissions from farming
  • reducing emissions from industry
  • international, national and local leadership

Air quality is also an issue that the Council has considered for a number of years.  The Local Plan 2006 included a policy ENV9 – Air Quality.  This policy was “saved”.  The Core Strategy also deals with Air Quality in a less specific manner and this more general policy has been included in the emerging Local Plan policy LP31 – Development Considerations (sub-section 9).

The consultation will run from 13th June – 24th July 2019

The Draft Air Quality SPD can be viewed and downloaded from the Borough Council’s website at  We encourage the viewing of documents and submission of comments electronically, where possible, to limit the use of paper and valuable resources used in the printing process.

Alternatively copies of the documents can be viewed at Main Reception, Council Offices, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1DE, all the Borough Leisure Centres and all local libraries

Comments must be received by no later than 24th July 2019

Comments will be made public and should be sent by post to the Forward Planning Team, North Warwickshire Borough Council, The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 1DE, or by e-mail to: